(SANFORD, FL) Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS) is pleased to announce that it remains an “A”-rated district for the 2021-2022 school year. In addition, SCPS is ranked #1 out of all Central Florida Districts, ranked 2nd out of all the 14-largest Florida Districts, and 9th out of all Florida Districts overall.

“This is a testament to our amazing students and our dedicated teachers, staff, administrators, and families!  It’s truly a community effort.

While we're pleased with our results and how we measure up against other districts throughout the state, we know school grades are just one component of how our schools are assessed. Obviously, there's much more to a school than just a letter grade based on formulas.  That is why we encourage families to focus on student learning and growth as the truest indicators of success.

Despite the challenges associated with the recent pandemic, we remain committed to providing all of our SCPS students a world-class education and are proud to be an "A"-rated District!” stated Serita D. Beamon, Superintendent, SCPS.

Press Contact

Katherine Crnkovich, APR, CPRC
Communications Officer