Frequently Asked Questions

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What documents do I need to bring to the Pre-K Office to register my child for VPK?
  • The child's birth certificate
  • VPK Certificate of Eligibility
  • The parent’s driver’s license, car registration, or voter registration
  • One (1) utility bill such as an electric bill
  • Proof of residency such as a current lease or deed
  • The child's Immunization Record
  • Proof of Physical (within a year)
  • Student entry form (English) | (Spanish)

Will my child be placed on the class list or a waiting list?
Children will be placed on a waiting list until all documents are received. They will then be moved to the class list on a first come-first serve basis. An exception may be made for the Immunization Record and Proof of Physical, which must be received before school starts.

Once school starts, can I switch my child to another school?
Students may only transfer one time. You will need to contact the Seminole Early Learning Coalition to obtain a Transfer Form, which you will bring the Pre-K Office.

Are pre-k students allowed to ride the bus?
Pre-K students may not ride the bus due to the State guidelines for transporting 4 year olds.  The only Pre-K student who may ride the school bus is a child in the Pre-K ESE classroom that has an IEP, which states that he/she needs to have transportation provided.  However, VPK students may ride in a private provider van for before or after school care.

For full day students, who pays for lunch?
The lunch procedures are the same as for any other student in the school. Parents may pack their child’s lunch, apply for free/reduced lunch, or purchase one from the cafeteria.

Who can pick my child up from school?
Your child must be picked up by an adult, 18 years or older. Children will be released only to adults listed on the Student Information Card.

Can a VPK student attend Extended Day?
Extended Day is available at several sites at an additional cost. Parents apply directly to Extended Day at the schools.

Can VPK students only come for a half-day if it’s a full day site?
The full day sites are designed to accommodate parents who need full day childcare. However, students wanting just the 3-hour morning VPK block are placed on a waiting list and may be enrolled for the 3-hour morning block if there is space available after August first.

Can a 3 year old or struggling kindergartener attend VPK?
No. By law, the VPK program is only for students who are 4 years old on or before September 1st of the current year. There are no exceptions.

How many adults and students will be in the classroom?
Each class may have no more than 20 students. The ratio of adults to children is 1:11 or 2:20.

What credentials will the teacher have?
VPK teachers must have a CDA (Child Development Associate) or higher, such as an AA in Early Childhood or a Bachelor’s Degree in Pre-K – 3. If their degree is in a field outside of Early Childhood, they must have taken at least 6 hours of Early Childhood coursework.

Can my child attend any school for kindergarten?
No. Once a child goes to kindergarten, he/she must attend the home zone school or the assigned region school.