Special Projects


Learning Sciences International

Learning Sciences International (LSI) provides intensive supports to transform leadership, teaching, and learning. Activities to elevate instructional leadership and classroom teaching by the LSI team include: ongoing school visits with embedded professional development for the school’s leadership team; frequent classroom walkthroughs for monitoring and feedback purposes; targeted professional development, side-by-side and job-embedded coaching.

Code to The Future

Code to the Future offers computer science immersion in an integrated curriculum that is motivating for all students. Students learn math concepts, cause and effect, logic sequencing, problem solving, communicating and collaborating skills, and perseverance. Students also learn techniques that help improve skills in reading, writing, and math.  


AVID Elementary is a methodology that promotes best practices for teaching to develop consistency in thinking and embraces the delivery of information by both students and teachers.  The framework of this methodology is based on implementation of strategies to engage ALL learners in daily instruction by: Writing to Learn, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading to Learn. Seminole County Public Schools’ mission aligns with AVID’s mission to reach all learners and prepare them for a global society through college readiness. 

Kinder Camp

The Kinder Camp program prepares students with the essential skills needed to start the upcoming school year smoothly. The curriculum is developmentally appropriate and vocabulary rich. Incoming kindergartners receive daily instruction in phonics, oral language development, number sense, and science concepts. Students also become familiar with the classroom environment, rules, and getting to know their way around the school. The eight days of camp in the summer help students feel confident to begin school in the fall.

Velma Hayes-Mitchell Community Resource Center 

The Velma Hayes Williams Center, located in the historic Goldsboro community in Sanford accommodates the Last Best Chance program. The Last Best Chance program is a supportive environment that combats the community risk factors by offering a resource for public school students to improve academically and socially. The students voluntarily participate and are given instruction in areas of need. Title I, Part D provides a Community Liaison, who provides mentoring and/or one-on-one outreach to at-risk students to address truancy and attendance concerns. In addition, the high school students who attend this program in the evenings receive academic support from a certified teacher three days per week and earn Algebra credits toward graduation.