Coaching Endorsement

Athletic Coaching

All paid athletic coaches are required to be currently certified in CPR and AED. They must also complete the NFHS Concussion in Sports Course, Sudden Cardiac Arrest or AED Certification and any other requirements set forth by the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) or SCPS.

SCPS Instructional Personnel (teachers) are not required to hold a coaching endorsement certificate in order to coach. 

Those individuals that are not otherwise employed by SCPS or employed as non-instructional personnel are required to hold a valid Florida Department of Education Coaching Endorsement Certificate. Coaches are initially issued a one-time 3 year temporary coaching endorsement certificate. This certificate allows them to coach for 3 years while working on completing the requirements for the 5 year coaching certificate. The requirements for the 5 year coaching endorsement certificate include 9 semester hours of specific coaching courses or completing the SCPS Coaching Endorsement program.


For more information, contact Mary Lane at or 407.320.0192.


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