Secondary Social Studies

Well-educated people have a sense of where they are in time, in space, and in culture. They have a sense of personal and social identity. 

Well-educated people internalize information about people in time, in space, and in culture. They share common cultural understandings. 

Well-educated people associate new experiences and events with the past. They establish a context in which they explain, sympathize, judge, decide, and act.

Well-educated people participate in intellectual adventures. They willingly examine established knowledge and accept intellectual risks.

Well-educated people recognize their responsibility for changing conditions detrimental to human development and opportunity. They promote equity, tolerance, understanding, acceptance, and community.

Well-educated people possess a range of communication skills. They observe, listen, read, write, speak, and present effectively.

Well-educated people possess a sense of personal, social, and civic efficacy. They exercise personal, social, and civic responsibility.

Well-educated people know how to create, share, shape, and pursue visions. They can imagine times that are more just, spaces that are better used, and cultures that are more humane. 

- Florida Commission on Social Studies Education

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