School Based Enterprise

"A School-Based Enterprise (SBE) is a set of entrepreneurial activities undertaken by students that provides an economic, social and educational return to the student, school and community. Student efforts are designed to enhance personal responsibility, an appreciation of risk versus reward and confidence in achieving and maintaining independence,"(Gamache & Knab, 2008).

Teddy Gram Direct

Teddy Gram DirectTeddy Gram Direct is a district-based student enterprise where our students with disabilities work alongside their non-disabled peers and staff to create stuffed animals for sale around the county.

The students run all parts of the business - keeping inventory, creating the stuffed animals, filling orders, and more!

Visit the Teddy Gram Direct website for more information.

Lake Brantley High School - Brantley Cafe

The Brantley Cafe at Lake Brantley High School is a business enterprise selling beverages and food items to students, faculty and staff. Students working in the café are current JET students and Access - Career class on-campus pre-JET students. The enterprise would provide the opportunity for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to obtain work skills training while preparing and serving beverages and food items, counting money, making change, daily deposits, clean up inventory and restocking. Students will develop strong work ethics and good customer service skills through hands-on work experience. Emphasis will be given to self-determination and employment training to help acquire skills necessary to prepare for Project SEARCH and/or gain and maintain future employment.

Lake Mary High School - Rammark

Students in this enterprise are on an Access Diploma within the Exceptional Student Education Program. These students have their own unique challenges with learning, communicating, and interacting with the world around them.

Through this Enterprise the students are able to showcase their outstanding talents in art, technology, and construction. The Rammark Enterprise is providing students with real world work experience which will help them become productive members of their community in the future. Currently, the Rammark Enterprise is creating and selling greeting cards, bird houses, and coasters (small and large).

Lyman High School

Die Cut Enterprise - Students learn how to read die-cut orders and use the die-cut machines to fulfill and ship orders to teachers and staff throughout Seminole County. See the die-cuts available at

The Lyman Pound is a school-based enterprise run by the students in the Career Prep and Transition classes that sells handmade dog toys. The students are responsible for creating our products, maintaining inventory, checking for orders, processing orders and payments, and delivery. Details can be found at

Oviedo High School - Roaring Lion Empire

The Roaring Lion Empire is a School Based Enterprise operated by ESE students at Oviedo HS. Students sell balloons for special events and holidays to students and faculty on campus. They now also offer homemade seasonal wreaths and Cricut creations (bags, sashes, t-shirts). This student run business helps students practice critical financial literacy, customer service, inventory, sales, and other job skills for future employment in the community.

Winter Springs High School - The DEN - For all Your "Bear" Necessities

Winter Springs High School is home to the DEN. This is a school based enterprise manned and operated by the Winter Springs JET students. Balloons, snacks and Winter Springs spirit apparel are all available for purchase. JET students learn a wide variety of business skills, in addition to establishing interpersonal relationships with the staff and students who frequent the store. It is a win-win for all concerned.

Hagerty High School - "Hire a Husky"

Students in the ESE program at Hagerty High School have a huge impact on business conducted every day at HHS. Real world vocational training for every level of ESE student starts early in the morning in the Red Apple Dining Restaurant. Students work alongside full-time employees in order to facilitate breakfast and lunches at HHS. Students prepare a variety of pizzas, which includes measuring and putting pizzas together from the bottom up. Juice, water, milk and other beverages are stocked in coolers and organized on trays for easier distribution. Cookies are placed on trays to be baked and baked cookies are put in sleeves for individual sale and placed in baskets at each register. Chips and other snacks are stocked daily on racks. Students are taught to read charts for proper stocking, measure food items, gather all necessary supplies and clean up area when tasks are complete.

Students also work in the "Husky Store" sponsored by the PTSA . Every day during break, students open the store, count cash drawer and stock items. Once open, students greet customers, fill orders and make change. Students count cash drawer, stock and lock up when break is finished.

"Hire a Husky" offers shredding services, mail delivery for staff and laundry services when needed.

Students gain valuable vocational, social and leadership skills throughout their school day. These skills build confidence and independence and prepare students for WBLE, JET programs and future employment opportunities.

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