Alternative Programs

Below are listings and descriptions for the Alternative Placement sites within Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS).

Eugene Gregory Memorial Youth Academy

The Eugene Gregory Memorial Youth Academy provides a spectrum of services to youth on conditional release who are returning to the community from a residential commitment program or youth on probation who have been suspended or expelled from school. Services include traditional education in a classroom, life skills development, and on-site mental health assessments and counseling. Educational services are provided by SCPS.

Seminole County Juvenile Detention Center

Educational Services for the Seminole County Juvenile Detention Center are provided by the Alternative Education Department of SCPS. SCPS teachers provide remediation, course work, life skills, and computer assistance.

John Polk Alternative School

John Polk Alternative School is a classroom provided for students who are not adults but are in the correctional institution convicted as an adult. A teacher provides remediation, computer-based courses, and GED preparatory lessons to these students. 


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