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The Office of Alternative Programs

This department encompasses alternative education as well as the Boys & Boystown, John Polk Educational Center, Eugene Gregory Academy (Consequence Unit) and the Juvenile Detention Center.


The mission of the Department of Alternative Programs is to utilize school, home and community collaboration to empower students to achieve their maximum potential in academic development, personal growth, and career development while reflecting on their past, present and future, enabling them to exceed all expectations.

Tobacco Policy 2.90 – Unique Communication from Students Working Against Tobacco in Conjunction with Tobacco Free Seminole Partnership.


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Deirdre Garnes

Deirdre Garnes

Director of Alternative Programs
Leslie Joyner-Cunningham

Leslie Joyner-Cunningham

School Administration Manager Eugene Gregory Memorial Youth Academy
Siobhan Pitters

Siobhan Pitters

Assistant Principal


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