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Steps to Become a Vendor/Contractor/Sub-Contractor in Seminole County Public Schools


If you are not a current vendor with SCPS, and your service or commodity has been requested for one or more schools/departments, you must submit a Vendor Application, W-9, and Certificate of Insurance to the requesting school/department. Once they have completed their portion of the application, they will forward all information to the correct Procurement Agent in the Purchasing Department. After the Agent has reviewed all documents for completeness, they will submit it to the Accounts Payable (A/P) Department. A/P will set you up as a vendor in our financial system. Once you are set up, you will be given a Vendor ID Number that is associated with our financial system. They will notify you via the contact information provided on your application.  The school/department is now able to issue a Purchase Order to you through our financial system.

  1. Each company (Vendor/Contractor or Sub-Contractor) must have a Vendor Application, W-9 (IRS Request for Taxpayer ID), and Certificate of Insurance on file with the SCPS Purchasing Department in order to obtain a required Vendor ID number.
  2. After a vendor ID number has been issued, each company employee must obtain a Florida Statewide Contractor Badge and Seminole County Credentials for access to school grounds. You will acquire this on the first floor of the Educational Support Center located at 400 E. Lake Mary Blvd., Sanford, Florida.

To obtain a Florida Statewide Contractor Badge, each employee will need to provide our Fingerprinting Office with the following:

  • A copy of his/her Form I-9 (US Employment Eligibility Form) (Required by Florida Law).  If needed, download form here:
  • SPORTS OFFICIALS/COMPANY OWNERS/ SELF EMPLOYED individuals must bring copy of documents used to fill out I-9
  • A government photo ID (Driver’s License is preferred)


$91.25 for Fingerprints and Contractor Badge -or-

$10.00 for Contractor Badge only, if individual’s fingerprints are in the    Florida Shared Schools Results System (FSSR).   Form I-9 will also be required. –or-

$5.00 for a replacement badge.

No cost for issuance of Seminole County Public Schools ID badge who already have a current & valid Florida Statewide Contractor Badge.  They must submit an FSSR transfer request (SCPS form 1402) and a copy of the Florida Statewide Badge to the Fingerprinting Office.

Note:  You will not be able to enter school worksites (with students present) without a Florida Statewide Contractor badge with Seminole County Credentials.

For additional information regarding the fingerprinting process and hours of operation, please click on the following link:

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