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The mission of the Facilities Services department is to provide a safe, effective and efficient learning environment for all users of Seminole County Public Schools facilities.

The department keeps all facets of the schools in operating condition.  This department repairs and maintains all components of all buildings in the district. The maintenance department is located at 820 East SR 434, Winter Springs, FL 32708. All maintenance comes through this department.  Schools and sites put in a work request via a web based work order system.

The department is divided into the following areas, grounds and operations, electrical, mechanical, buildings, energy, fire inspections and portables

Grounds & Operations - Responsibilities are for portable placement, fencing, playgrounds, parking lots, welding, drainage, retention ponds, tree trimming, concrete, small engine repair, heavy equipment, pest control, and fertilizing grounds.  All grounds work is outsourced and is monitored by this group.

Electrical - Responsibilities are for electrical work and power, intercoms, fire alarms, lighting, elevators, and floor care equipment repair.

Mechanical - Responsibilities are for HVAC, plumbing, irrigation, HVAC controls, fire sprinklers, boilers, and kitchen equipment.  There is a licensed water/wastewater plant operator on staff responsible for the water and wastewater plants due to EPA requirements.

Buildings - Responsibilities are for general maintenance, cabinets, carpet, masonry, floors, walls, ceilings, windows, doors, painting, keys, locksets, cabinets, bleachers, stadiums, fire extinguishers, whiteboards, signs, and roofs.

Energy - Responsibilities are to monitor electricity, water, and gas usage throughout the district in order to conserve and thereby save money.

Fire & Safety - Responsibilities are to perform an annual fire and safety inspection of each site and to monitor and verify repairs if needed.

To Report Emergencies

  • During Hours: 407.320.7450 (Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.)
  • After-hours 407.463.3003


Click on one of the names below to view their full bio (if available).

James Blanton

James Blanton

Fire Safety Coordinator
Kim Dove

Kim Dove

Director of Facilities Services
Jerry Henkins

Jerry Henkins

Environmental Coordinator
Perry Moore

Perry Moore

Grounds & Operations Supervisor
Kristian Swenson

Kristian Swenson

Assistant Director


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