Lyman High School



Lyman High School Stadium Project includes:

  • Stadium Entrance and Ticketing Booth Addition – to include ornamental fencing and brick masonry column features and arched entry feature with school’s name.
  • Pedestrian Plaza Area at the Stadium Entrance – comprehensive improvements to the curbs, paving and sidewalks that will border the west side of the Home Bleachers, with restricted/controlled vehicular access
  • Demolition and Replacement of the Home Bleacher – Home seating will provide approximately 2258 seats, along with ADA accessible routes and seating. Visitor’s bleachers are in good condition and will only require improvements to ramps and railings.
  • Storage Buildings - Demolition and Replacement of the under-stadium storage building with two storage buildings and fenced outdoor storage areas.
  • Press Box – demolition and replacement of the existing press box.
  • Stadium Lighting Improvement - Demolition of three existing stadium lighting poles, to be replaced with two Musco LED lighting structures.
  • Renovation and Expansion of the existing track - from seven non-competition to eight competition certified lanes.  Existing lanes will be milled and resurfaced.

Project budget estimate: $2,000,000

Estimated completion: May 2019


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