Prequalification Applications

 All firms desiring to submit competitive bids on projects requiring a Florida State Certified General Contractor's (CGC), State Certified Building Contractor's (CBC) or for roofing projects, a Certified Roofing Contractor's (CCC) license, must be prequalified. Applications for prequalification are received and presented to the Board for approval on a continual basis. After approval, a letter will be sent including a certificate of prequalification that is valid for a period of one year. Contractors are responsible for ensuring annual renewal applications are submitted in a timely manner with all required documents to maintain continuous valid prequalification status.

Incomplete applications will only be held for 30 days. Once complete, the application will be presented for approval at the next available Board meeting.

NOTE: First time or renewal applications to obtain prequalification certification that are submitted within 30 calendar days prior to a particular bid opening date may not be approved by the Board prior to the bid opening date.  In such cases, the bid may be subject to disqualification.  The Board assumes no responsibility or liability in such instances.

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