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Facilities Planning Department Public School Concurrency Information & Review Application

1. PURPOSE: This site provides information regarding the implementation of Public School Concurrency for Seminole County Public Schools, a requirement enacted by the Florida Legislature.


The above legislation  extended the concurrency requirement to require concurrency for public school facilities. Since enactment of the Growth Management Act in 1985, local governments have had the option to include public school facilities in the concurrency requirement.  With the passage of SB 360, that requirement is no longer optional.  The County and all municipalities in Seminole County must adopt a consistent Public Schools Facilities Element (PSFE) in their individual comprehensive plans by January 2008.

The law also requires that each County and inclusive municipalities and district school board, adopt an Interlocal Agreement (ILA) which accomplishes  the following::

  • Updates the existing public school interlocal agreement;
  • Establishes level-of-service (LOS) standards to establish maximum permissible school utilization rates relative to capacity and how those standards shall be determined;
  • Establishes the requirement to adopt a financially feasible Public School Capital Facilities Program and include this program in an amended Capital Improvements Element of local comprehensive plans; 
  • Establishes proportionate-share mitigation methodology and options to be included in the PSFE and the interlocal agreement;
  • Establishes public school Concurrency Service Areas (CSAs) to define the geographic boundaries of school concurrency.


An application for a public schools concurrency review must be made if a property owner desires a future land use or zoning change that would result in an increase in residential density over that currently permitted and/or if a property owner applies for residential development approval such as site plan or subdivision approval.  Specific requirements and applicability for such a review can be found in the Interlocal Agreement Between The School Board of Seminole County, The Seminole County Board of County Commissioners, and the Cities of Seminole County

 Student generation rates for new residential units are prescribed in the most recent Seminole County Board of County Commissioners Ordinance No. 2018-01, along with the referenced impact fee study.

An application form and fee information for a public schools concurrency review can be downloaded through the following links:

  1. Application Form and Fees For Public School Impact Analysis and Concurrency Review /core/fileparse.php/1120/urlt/School-Planning-and-Concurrency-Application-2019.docx
  2. Concurrency Service Area Maps:  Elementary,  Middle,  High
  3. Student Capital Outlay Full Time Enrollment Projections (COFTE)
    This data is issued each year in July-August by the Office of Economic and Demographic Research of the Florida Legislature


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