Medicaid in Schools

School districts that are part of the public education system are eligible to participate in the Medicaid School Match program. Seminole County participates in this program to help augment services provided to students with special needs. The purpose of the Medicaid in schools is to allocate reimbursement for medically necessary services provided by or arranged by a school district for Medicaid-eligible students. Medicaid reimburses the school district provider the payment for the health care service while the student is served in the school environment. This unique reimbursement method is termed “certified match reimbursement.”

Medicaid reimburses only one provider, be it the school district or a community provider, for the same procedure provided to a student on the same day. These services can be: Physical, Occupational or Speech-Language Pathology therapy, transportation, health or behavioral services. Please see the attached Annual Notice for more information regarding this program.

2018 Medicaid School Match Annual Notice

For further information, you may contact:

Debbie Caudill
Coordinator - Medicaid

Melissa Hardin
Medicaid Specialist