Specially Designed & Adaptive Physical Education

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Specially Designed Physical Education (SDPE) is about meeting the unique needs of individual students with disabilities. SDPE teachers provide planning and assessment, consultation for general physical education teachers, specially designed instruction, and adaptations or modifications to the curriculum, tasks, equipment, and/or environment so a child can participate in all aspects of physical education. The purpose of this course is to provide experience and opportunities for students with disabilities to develop motor skills and to participate in various physical activities that may be modified to meet individual needs. For some students, the general physical education teacher works together with SDPE teacher to design meaningful and beneficial instruction for all students.

Need for Specially Designed PE may be based on

  • Motor development delays.
  • Physical or neurological disabilities.
  • Social/Emotional Skills: interaction with peers and/or adults and the ability to follow directions.
  • Cognitive delays.


Juliene McDonald, ESSS Administrator
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