Be An Intern

Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS) understands the value of learning, applying and expanding skills in a real-world, professional setting. Each semester the ePathways team works with local employers to find internship opportunities for students to explore the workplace. In fall and spring students attend an internship expo to meet employers and network with employers.

2019 Spring Internship Expo Flyer

Internships Available

Internships are available in a variety of industries and may be paid or unpaid.  Check back often so see which internships are available.

Updated 04/10/2019, 2:00 PM

Interested in being an intern? Our next expo will be held Thursday, April 11th, 2019.

Step 1: Register for the Internship Expo

You will need to register to attend the Internship Expo.  Registration is free but space is limited so get your ticket today!  Unfortunately, due to spacing limitations, parents are not able to accompany students into the Expo.  

Step 2: Prepare for the Internship Expo

Your first step in preparing for the Internship Expo is to complete the 3 hour online orientation

Reasons to Take the Online Course:

  • You will get priority access to the expo because you will be the first group to meet employers at the Expo.

  • You will receive a stamp on your resumes that identifies you as "Internship Ready."  

Step 3: Get Hired

After the Internship Expo, employers will follow-up with the candidates that interest them the most.  

  • Attend your interview on time and professionably dressed.  Don't forget to let the employer know that you want the job.

  • Accept the job.  Do not accept the job unless you are sure that you can meet the requirements of the internship.

  • Make sure to follow-up with any other offers you may have received. Remember, you may only complete one internship at a time and you may not register for two internships.

Step 4: Make the Internship official

There are two forms that need to be submited to make your internship official:

  • Intern Identification Form: Completed by the employer
    • Schedule a time (within 30 days of the Expo) to complete the hiring process in-person with the employer.  
    • The employer receives the Intern Identification Form through ePathways.
  • Internship Authorization Form: Completed by the intern with a parent signature
    • You will need information about your internship to complete this form including the location of your job site, supervisor's name and phone number and your start date.  You will also need a parent signature to submit your form.  
    • The Internship Authorization Form is found in the internship eCampus course