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Internships Available

The Fall 2021 Virtual Internship Expo opens on Monday, November 1, 2021 and closes on Sunday, November 14, 2021. This virtual expo gives students the opportunity to intern at local companies and gain real world, hands-on experience in their industry of choice. We are grateful for the business partners that continue to mentor our SCPS students and provide them work experience while in high school.

Students can register below for the Fall 2021 Virtual Internship Expo. Upon registration, they will be directed to self-enroll in the eCampus course that supports the virtual expo. 

Step 1: Register for the Internship Expo

You will need to register to attend the Internship Expo.  You can begin registration for the Fall 2021 Expo here (you must be logged into your SCPS google account): Register Here

Step 2: Prepare for the Internship Expo

Your first step in preparing for the Internship Expo is to complete the online internship orientation course. The orientation course will be the first required portion of the virtual Internship Expo and will be completed before viewing and applying for internship positions.

Step 3: Get Hired

After the Virtual Internship Expo, employers will follow-up with the candidates that interest them the most based on their submitted applications and resumes.  

  • Attend your interview on time and professionably dressed even if it is a virtual interview.  Don't forget to let the employer know that you want the job.

  • Accept the job.  Do not accept the job unless you are sure that you can meet the requirements of the internship.

  • Make sure to follow-up with any other offers you may have received. Remember, you may only complete one internship at a time and you may not register for two internships.