Be An Intern

Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS) understands the value of learning, applying and expanding skills in a real-world, professional setting. Each semester the ePathways team works with local employers to find internship opportunities for students to explore the workplace. In fall and spring students attend an internship expo to meet employers and network with employers.

2017 Fall Internship Expo Flyer

Internships Available Internships Available

Internships are available in a variety of industries and may be paid or unpaid. Interested in being an intern? Our next expo will be held Wednesday, November 8th, 2017. To find out more about becoming an intern, check out the information below on planning for internships.

Register for the Internship Expo Today

You will need to register to attend the Internship Expo.  Registration is free but space is limited so get your ticket today!  Unfortunately, due to spacing limitations, parents are not able to accompany students into the Expo.  

Preparing for the Internship ExpoPlanning for Internships

Are you interested in learning more about becoming a high school intern? If you are excited about internships and ready to get started preparing for the experience, take the 3 hour online orientation. This course will identify you as "Internship Ready" for upcoming Internship Expos. After completing this orientation you will know the basics of being an intern and entering the workplace.

Other reasons to take the online course:

  • You will get priority access to the expo, which means you will have a chance to make the first impression with employers.
  • You will also receive a stamp on your resume to give to employers that identifies you as "Internship Ready". This may make you a more appealing candidate to employers and it may be exactly what you need to get the best internship out there.
  • Students interested in completing the orientation and receiving priority entrance to the Expo can access the course prior to registering by clicking here.
  • All students offered an internship will have to complete the orientation after the Expo and before accepting and starting an internship experience.

Getting Hired

If you have not already done so, complete the internship online orientation. This will be required prior to accepting an offer and being identified as an official intern.  The orientation has information about the internship and tips to help you be successful during your interview.  Make sure you have completed all three assignments.

  • Attend your interview and get the job!
  • Accept the job! Don’t forget to let the employer know that you want the job.  Schedule a time (within 30 days of the Expo) to complete the hiring process in-person with the employer.  Remember, once you do this you are officially an intern.  Do not accept the job unless you are sure that you can meet the requirements of the internship.
  • Make sure to follow-up with any other offers you may have received. Respectfully decline any other offers you received.   Don’t leave employers hanging!  Remember, you may only complete one internship at a time and you may not register for two internships.

Making it official

Schedule a time (within 30 days of the Expo) to complete the hiring process in-person with the employer.  During this meeting your employer will submit an intern identification form and you will get information about when and where you will be working, who your supervisor will be and what your official start date will be.  Once you have met with your employer you will complete your Internship Authorization Form.

You must complete the Internship Authorization Form to become an official SCPS intern. This form is available upon completion of the Internship Orientation Course (clicking here).

You will need information about your internship to complete this form including the location of your job site, supervisor's name and phone number and your start date.  You will also need a parent signature to submit your form.  The signed form is used to enroll you in the course for credit and you will not be eligible to work without completing this assignment.