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How can I support Workplace Learning?

Graduates of Seminole County Public Schools will be your future neighbors, co-workers and fellow citizens. Our current students need opportunities to deepen their classroom learning by applying their skills, passions and interests to authentic workplace experiences. Students benefit from early exposure to the world of work, and employers enjoy the energy and enthusiasm that students, interns, and teachers bring to their business.

SCPS needs employers to provide opportunities for students and teachers to experience the workplace.  Please complete the following interest form so that we can connect you to opportunities that meet your business or community group’s interests. 

Employer Interest Form

Thank you for your interest in preparing tomorrow's workforce... today!

SCPS Seeks Internship Partners
SCPS Internship Expo Coming Soon!

SCPS is actively seeking 100 employers interested in partnering with the district to provide students with authentic workplace experiences that allow students to apply the skills and knowledge developed in the classroom to the real world of work. Employers interested in supporting workplace learning commit to providing 133 hours of paid or unpaid work to a high school student through one semester this fall, spring or summer (August-December, January-May, June-August). Business partners are supported by district administrators who facilitate the internship by conducting site visits and communicating with parents and schools.

Inviting interns into the workplace is beneficial to both students and employers. Previous internship partners have found the experience to be satisfying and productive. The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, which hosted five interns this spring, summarized the benefits in stating, "The interns bring tremendous enthusiasm and add to our work environment by sharing their ideas and suggestions. (...) Our employees are enjoying the experience as much as the interns!" McLean Insurance Group also emphasized the enthusiasm interns bring and added, "The benefits of the new countywide intern program are many, our intern brings a combination of youthful enthusiasm, impressive technology skills and a pleasing personality".

If you are interested in hosting an intern this summer of fall please fill out an Employer Interest Form and a member of the ePathways team will contact you.  You will find a sample of the questions included in the Interest form here

If you are interested in sponsoring the Internship Expo, please visit the SCPS Foundation's website for more information. (When we get the info from the foundation we need to update this link).

Download our Internship Brochure to Learn More!

Learn More about Hosting an SCPS High School Intern!
Offer a For-Credit Internship

Students in Seminole County are among the best and brightest in the nation. Students across the district participate in Career and Technical Education programs that challenge them to develop skills, experiences and certifications in some of the region’s most in-demand fields. By offering students an internship opportunity, employers have the ability to help shape the learning of tomorrow’s workforce. Given the benefits of flexible scheduling within Seminole County Public Schools, students can work during the school day where they have the best exposure to real world working conditions. Interns are required to work an amount of 135.5 hours per semester and can be paid or unpaid depending on the employer’s needs

Review the SCPS Employer Internship Guide for more information on hosting a high school intern. This guide contains details about the program, frequently asked questions and tips for a successful internship experience.

Download our Employer Internship Guide to learn more about hosting an SCPS student in your business!

Learn More about Hosting an SCPS TEACHER in your Business!

SCPS needs employers who are interested in showcasing their business and industry to teachers this summer. We are proud of the outstanding teachers who help our students learn and grow each day.  In order to prepare tomorrow's workforce, teachers need exposure to the changing economy and local industry.  Each summer, employers from across central Florida invite our teachers to spend time exploring their business and industry to demonstrate what they are looking in future employees.  Over the course of two weeks, teachers visit 16 businesses and leave with a broader understanding of how to prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow.   If you are interested in potentially hosting a group of teachers at your business this summer please fill out an Employer Interest Form. 

Opportunities are also available to offer one or more teachers a more in depth experience through a teacher externship.  Employers interested in partnering on this important work should fill out an interest form on our website today!  For additional help or information please feel free to contact ePathways directly at epathways@scps.us.

Download our Teachers in the Workplace Brochure to learn more! 

Learn More about Hosting a Job Shadow!
Invite Students to Participate in a Job Shadow

Due to the nature of some industries, a long-term internship may not be feasible for all students. In this case, consider inviting students for a short term job shadow where they can participate in an overview of your industry and company practices. Even if you can only accommodate a small group of students for a day, the benefits of authentic industry exposure are immeasurable.

If you are interested in hosting a group of students for a short-term experience please fill out an Employer Interest Form and a member of the ePathways team will contact you.