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A Program of Emphasis provides a structured study strand centered on a career pathway. Students who are zoned for the school may select the Program of Emphasis, and a limited number of seats in some of the programs listed in this guide may be available for 9th grade students who are not zoned to the school.

Acceptance for out-of-zone students to a Program of Emphasis is by application only. By signing the required transfer request form, parents and students agree to the commitment statements and understandings on the form.


Eligibility: Out-of-Zone seats may be available to incoming 9th grade students only and seats are limited.  Students must reside in Seminole County and submit a Program of Emphasis Transfer Request Form. Eligibility requirements, timelines, and the application process are described in detail on the Seminole County Public Schools Student Assignment and Program Access website on their website.  

Transportation:  Transportation is NOT provided for Program of Emphasis transfers. Students may seek assistance for transportation if it is available through the Ticket to Ride program. Details may be found on the Student Assignment and Program Access website.

For More Information: In-zone students should contact their guidance counselor, out-of-zone students may contact the Student Assignment and Program Access Department 407-320-0329 and view their website.

Hagerty High School

Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis Program of Emphasis 

The Modeling, Simulation and Analysis Program teaches students the fundamentals of modeling and simulation, a high-demand, high-wage industry in Central Florida. This program includes industry certification.

Lake Brantley High School

Finance Academy Program of Emphasis 

The Finance Academy Program offers a curriculum comprised of finance and business technology including accounting applications and personal financial planning. This program includes industry certification.

Lake Howell High School

Culinary Arts Program of Emphasis

The Culinary Arts Program allows students to explore all facets of the culinary field, including entrepreneurship, in an industry-standard commercial kitchen. This program includes industry certification. This program is not currently accepting transfers.

Cybersecurity Program of Emphasis 

The Cybersecurity Program introduces and prepares students for careers in computer science and cyber-defense in multiple industries. This program includes industry certification

Entrepreneurship Program of Emphasis 

The Entrepreneurship Program curriculum introduces the broad spectrum of business, industry, and small business initiatives. This program includes opportunities to earn dual enrollment credit.

Earn an Associate in Arts degree in Business from Seminole State College while simultaneously completing a high school diploma.      

Lake Mary High School

Advanced Manufacturing & Innovation Program of Emphasis 

The Advanced Manufacturing program gives students the opportunity to design and prototype innovative products using high-tech, industry standard equipment. This program includes industry certification.

Forensic Science & Legal Studies Program of Emphasis 

This program of emphasis includes two tracks: Forensic Science uses groundbreaking modern scientific technology in crime scene investigation and Legal Studies teaches the foundations of our legal system. This program includes opportunities to earn dual enrollment credit. 

Lyman High School

Teaching, learning, & leadership Program of Emphasis 

The Teaching, Learning, & Leadership Program empowers students to embrace their potential future as educators and fosters their knowledge of the education profession. This program includes opportunities to earn dual enrollment credit. 

Oviedo High School

Bioscience Technology Program of Emphasis 

The Bioscience Technology Program provides preparation for the career fields of applied biology in industry, medicine, and agriculture. This program includes industry certification.

Seminole High School

PSI High Program of Emphasis 

PSI High is an immersive, full-time program located within Seminole High School where students work in an environment that looks like a high-tech office instead of a classroom. Rather than learn through traditional instruction, our students join teams with their peers and teachers to solve real community, business, and social problems.

Aviation Academy Program of Emphasis

This state-of-the-art program is designed to prepare students for pursuit of employment or advanced training in the commercial and general aviation industry. Throughout the program, students will learn the fundamentals of flight including: meteorology, navigation systems and procedures, flight planning skills, ground operations and service duties.

Winter Springs High School

Renewable Energy Program of Emphasis 

The Renewable Energy Program allows students to study energy technologies and the advantages, disadvantages, and limitations of renewable energy resources for a sustainable future.