Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS) is committed to providing students with access to education and training that will promote economic prosperity after highschool by ensuring students are prepared for college and careers.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) is an essential part of this mission because it allows students to get a head start on preparing for the workforce, making them more competitive for both college and employment after graduation.

Economic projections indicate that, as the economy recovers and grows, industry certifications and specialized career training programs will become increasingly important. Nationwide, 35% of jobs will require education or training beyond high school, including at least:

  • 1,000,000 associates degrees
  • 745,000 certificates
  • 760,000 industry certifications

CTE courses are invaluable resources for preparing students for life beyond high school including post-secondary training, college and employment. Each of the district’s CTE programs emphasize the development of students who are both college and career bound by allowing students to apply learning from content area classes such as Language Arts and Mathematics to real world problems. These courses serve to develop interpersonal skills such as collaboration and communication through industry focused projects and activities. CTE teachers also emphasize entrepreneurial skills in all programs. Students develop employability skills by gaining experience with industry standard equipment and technology. In Seminole County, learning is not limited to the classroom. Students can take part in workplace learning opportunities such as field trips, presentations, internships and job shadowing experiences.


Seminole County Public Schools offers 64 high school programs designed to help students explore a wide variety of career opportunities. Click on the industriesbelow to learn more about the CTE programs our high schools offer.