Middle School iSeries

iJourney: Your Pathway to Career Exploration

Students in the iJourney course explore their interests, strengths, and occupation possibilities. They learn about digital citizenship and effective communication through a blended curriculum. Students explore educational pathways offered in Seminole County Public Schools that lead to careers. They create a cumulative digital portfolio and attempt to earn one or more digital tool certificates.

Student working on her iJourney digital portfolio.

iConnect: Your Pathway to Technology and Communication

Students in the iConnect blended course learn technology applications and computer hardware and software. They learn how to effectively communicate to different audiences using a variety of tools, including Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Students attempt to earn one or more digital tool certificates.

iConnect students from South Seminole Middle School.

iChallenge Semester 1 - Gaming Essentials

Students in the iChallenge I Computer Science blended course learn coding basics and gaming essentials. They experience team building collaborative experiences and project based learning as they create their own games. They will showcase their final cumulative project after peer review, feedback, and revision. The students attempt to earn one or more digital tool certificates.

Students enjoy learning about problem solving to prepare for coding in iChallenge.

iChallenge One Year Option - Web Foundations (Semester 1 is a prerequisite)

Students in the iChallenge II Computer Science blended course go deeper into the course standards of coding fundamentals taught in semester 1. They experience project based learning, game based learning and web development. They become entrepreneurs and create a website to market and manage their final cumulative project product from semester 1. Students attempt to earn one industry certification or digital tool certificate.

Design and planning is an important process in the iChallenge curriculum.