Middle School iSeries

iJourney: Your Pathway to Career Exploration

iJourney is an interactive, blended course, where students plan and prepare for, and take an adventure through the isles of journey to explore their interests, career opportunities, and learn about communication and digital citizenship along the way. This course is entirely developed in a blended format where students will participate in teacher led discussions and activities as well as self-guided online instruction. Throughout the course, students will gain information necessary to become more successful students and future contributors to an increasingly digital society.

iJourney is designed to help students plan and think about their future. Each student will conclude with a Digital Portfolio in eCampus to showcase their assignments and learning throughout the course. They will develop this adaptable ePortfolio to be used by teachers, counselors, and administrators to assist students with decisions about their educational pathway.

iConnect: Your Pathway to Technology and Communication

In this second Middle School iSeries course, students will learn about technology applications and computer hardware, as well as refine their communication skills to different audiences. In Module 1 of this course, students will learn different types of communication using the basics of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and HTML/Coding as well as other communication tools in order to communicate their message effectively and efficiently. In the introductory unit, students will be lead to choose their topic for the semester and be allowed creative freedom to choose their topic based on their interests.

Then, Module 2 will put students’ newly learned knowledge into practice. Each week, students will focus on communicating their message to different audiences. Students should learn how to adapt their published work when appealing to each different audience described. Students can choose their preferred methods of communication learned in module 1 and still answer the guiding questions, complete the projects, and communicate effectively with each audience assigned to each unit.