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It is the mission of Custodial Services to use our skills, knowledge and leadership to promote safe, clean and healthy learning environments for all users of Seminole County Public Schools' (SCPS) facilities.

People are our most important asset and knowledge is our most important tool. We strive to empower each custodian to perform at their highest potential, in order to ensure the success of our mission. Through training and education, we encourage professional development. We take pride in our dedication to treating all people with dignity, courtesy, and respect.

Custodial Services provides district-wide support to ensure all schools have the custodial staff, resources and skills necessary to maintain a clean, healthy and safe environment at all times.

Types of Services

  • District-wide floor care program: Provides stripping/waxing of tile floors as well as carpet cleaning.
  • District-wide custodial substitute program: Provides temporary staffing during the absence of custodial staff. To request a custodial substitute, click here or select the Custodial Sub Request icon in ePassport to request a custodial substitute.
  • District-wide custodial training:
    • New Employee Training: Provides training to new custodial staff in accordance with the Custodial Handbook.
    • In Service Training: Provides training for head custodians and custodial staff to ensure proper use of equipment and chemicals and compliance to Custodial Handbook.
    • Formal Training: Provides opportunity for supplemental training through State Department of Education and the Florida School Plant Management Association annually.
  • District-wide scheduling assistance: Provides school administrators additional support to ensure custodial allocation points are utilized to maximize the number of cleaning hours per day and distribute workload evenly.
  • District-wide solid waste and recycling services: Point of contact.
  • Custodial Inspections: Provides school administration and custodians with a snapshot of custodial success and opportunities for improvement.
  • District-wide equipment assistance: Assists cost centers with maintaining custodial equipment in working condition, when funds are available offers joint purchases of equipment for schools, and maintains inventory of equipment at each cost center.


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Stacey Strader

Stacey Strader

Custodial Business Manager
Kevin Wright

Kevin Wright

Custodial Area Manager


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