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Healthy SchoolsHealthy Schools, in cooperation with Seminole County Public Schools and the Florida Department of Health in Seminole County, is excited to kick off the “Teach Flu a Lesson” program for 2017! Healthy Schools is scheduled to be in your Seminole County Public School between 10/19/17 and 10/24/17.

Flu Immunization Clinic Dates

How to Sign Up  (en Español)

  • On your phone, tablet or computer type in your browser, https://secure.caredox.com/enroll/seminole-flu-2017-18
  • Follow the simple instructions and make sure you fill out all the required information
  • Please provide your Insurance/Medicaid information. We will bill for the flu vaccination we provide.There will be NO out of pocket cost. If you have no insurance, your child will still receive a flu vaccine at NO COST
  • Read the VIS and electronically sign your name
  • You will receive a confirmation email that you have signed up. Please check your junk/spam folder ifyou do not see the confirmation in your inbox
  • Your personal information submitted to Healthy Schools is kept private and secure. Our Privacy Practices are on our website, www.HealthySchoolsllc.com

Day of Flu Clinic

  • Our staff of trained and skilled nurses will provide your child a CDC and ACIP recommended pediatricflu vaccine
  • You will receive electronically a Vaccination Confirmation Letter and a Notice of Privacy Practices
  • If for some reason your child is not vaccinated, you will receive electronically a letter stating that theywere not vaccinated

There will be no out of pocket expense for services provided and the benefit is providing better protection against the flu this season. If you have any questions, contact Healthy Schools LLC at 1-800-566-0596 or email at info@healthyschoolsllc.com.