Pre-K Evaluation Clinic

Pre-K Evaluation Clinic

Supporting the Needs of Our Youngest Learners in Seminole County

Providing a great start for all students in Seminole County is an important part of preparing students for college and career readiness.  Sometimes early learners display developmental deficits that impact learning in the home and other early childhood settings.  For these young children, Seminole County Public Schools provides evaluation services and early intervention to target these deficits beginning at age 3.  Early intervention services target the improvement of delayed skills to prepare students for success in kindergarten and beyond.

The PreK Evaluation Clinic completes assessments for students with developmental concerns in the areas of pre-academics, communication, social/emotional, adaptive or self-help, gross motor, and fine motor skills.  Based on the state of Florida eligibility criteria for special education services, a student might show a need for services to address significant delays in one or more of these areas.

The following behaviors and characteristics may indicate a potential problem in development for children who are under the age of 5:

  • has difficulty interacting with peers and adults
  • avoids playing with other children or participating in age appropriate activities
  • has difficulty understanding or using language (examples: following directions, answering questions, speaking in sentences)
  • spontaneous speech is very difficult to understand
  • demonstrates atypical behaviors (examples: lining up toys, repeating movements, repeating words or phrases)
  • demonstrates restlessness or limited attention

There is a wide range of typical development in the preschool years and it is also important to discuss concerns with childcare providers and medical professionals as appropriate.

To find out more or schedule a developmental evaluation, please contact the PreK Evaluation Clinic by calling 407-320-9406 or emailing

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