Diversity Transfers

Diversity Transfer

  • School choice option permitted under School Board Policy 5.30 which allows student transfers that bring schools closer to the average percentage of students approved for free/reduced price meal benefits at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.
  • If approved, the student is eligible to remain at the requested school through the highest grade.
  • The transfer remains valid as long as the student remains a resident of the same school zone from which the transfer originated.
  • Transportation is provided to a designated school.  Other school choices are without transportation.
  • All available options are published annually on a transfer chart.

To view the 2017-2018 elementary school capacity and diversity transfer chart click here.
To view the 2017-2018 middle school capacity and diversity transfer chart click here.
To view the 2017-2018 high school capacity, diversity, and program of emphasis transfer chart click here.