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The Choices & Student Assignment Department manages the various processes for school choice and student assignment that promote and support the Excellence and Equity goals of Seminole County Public Schools.  Those processes include school choice options and student assignment procedures that help minimize overcrowded conditions, promote and maintain a diverse student enrollment, accommodate family choice to the maximum extent possible, and support the implementation of educational pathways (ePathways) initiatives to the maximum extent possible.  To learn more, just follow the steps outlined below:

KEY INFORMATION: 2017-2018 1st Semester Transfer Request Deadline July 20, 2017

Five Steps to School Choice & Student Assignment

Step 1 – Determine your school zones based upon your address.

Step 2 - Explore school choice options and student assignment procedures.

Step 3 - Determine the appropriate application timeline.

  • Click here to view application timelines by school year.

Step 4 - Complete the appropriate application.

  • To access step-by-step instructions click here.
  • To access the online application system click here.

Step 5 - Monitor application status and take next steps as directed.

  • Check email frequently.
  • Read all emails and communications completely and thoroughly.
  • Log back into parent application account to check status of specific applications.
  • Pay attention to registration requirements and any deadlines.
  • Refer back to the step-by-step instructions for assistance.

Choices and Student Assignment

Department Phone @ 407‐320‐0329
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