Controlled Open Enrollment Transfers

Controlled Open Enrollment

  • School choice option permitted under School Board Policy 5.32 which allows students the opportunity to apply to a specifically designated controlled open enrollment Seminole County Public School outside their geographic attendance zone.
  • An assignment through controlled open enrollment shall remain in effect until the highest grade available in that school.
  • Students assigned through this process will not continue to the next school level (elementary school to middle school, middle school to high school) unless assigned to an available school at the next school level at the applicable time.
  • Students assigned to a school through this process are not automatically entitled to enter school choice programs at the school unless they meet eligibility requirements and there is capacity at the school after the placement of any students in the wait pool for that particular school choice program.
  • Transportation is not provided.

2018-2019 Controlled Open Enrollment Information Item
2018-2019 Controlled Open Enrollment Program Capacity Chart