Middle School Magnets

Next Steps:

Determine if your child is eligible to apply for a magnet school.

  • If your family is zoned to attend a middle school magnet, based upon your address, you do not need to apply for that school.
  • If your family is not zoned to attend the middle school magnet of your choice, proceed to the next step.

Complete the appropriate magnet school application.

Submit the magnet school application via the online application system.

  • Confirmation email will be sent upon submission.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation email, you did not submit the application.

Receive a magnet school notification email.

  • On time/lottery applications = school assignment email sent in mid-January each year.
  • Based upon limited seat availability, even some on time applicants may receive a wait list email.
  • Late applications = will be placed on the wait list for that specific program.

Accept your child’s magnet school assignment or wait list seat via the online application system.

  • Log into your parent/guardian account at www.seminoleschoolchoicesapplication.us.
  • Find the “magnet school applications” tab in the middle of the screen and accept your child’s seat placement.

If accepted into a magnet school, students must then register at the school site.

  • School is responsible for checking all required registration documentation and verifying residency.
  • All magnet school acceptance notifications have a registration deadline.
  • If the parents/guardians do not register their child by the stated deadline, they will be required to submit a new magnet school application and their child will be placed on the wait list.

Wait Pool Management:

  • On-time applicants not assigned to the magnet school or program will be randomly placed in a waiting pool for that school for the remainder of the current school year.
  • On time applicants are placed prior to late applicants, as practicable.
  • Late applicants will be chosen from the waiting pool in order of the date and time their applications are received.
  • Families must reapply, beginning in October, to be eligible for a new magnet school for the following year.
  • Families that are satisfied with their magnet school do not need to reapply in subsequent years.

Need Help?

  • Contact the Student Assignment & Program Access Department.


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