Elementary Region Schools

Elementary Region School Zone Assignment Process

  • Parents/Guardians residing in an elementary region school zone will designate by rank order their preference for their student among the schools located within the region.
  • Region 1 = Bentley, Idyllwilde, & Wilson
  • Region 2 = Bentley, Crystal Lake, & Wicklow
  • Region 3 = Hamilton, Midway, & Pine Crest
  • Student assignment will be based upon the following criteria - preference zone, full time site-based employee, sibling placement, socioeconomic diversity, family preference, and capacity.
  • Transportation is provided to all students who live more than 2 miles from their assigned school.
  • Families assigned to their second or third choice school will be placed in a wait pool for their first choice school for the remainder of the school year for which the application was submitted.
  • Families must reapply, beginning in January, to be eligible for a new school assignment the following year.
  • Families that are satisfied with their school assignment do not need to reapply in subsequent years.

Apply Online @ www.seminoleschoolchoicesapplication.us