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The SCPS ParaPro Test measures the skills and knowledge in reading, writing, and math possessed by prospective and practicing paraprofessionals. It also measures their ability to apply those skills and knowledge when assisting in classroom instruction. It was designed to satisfy the requirements of the federally legislated No Child Left Behind Act.

In response to the federal legislation known as No Child Left Behind, the law requires paraprofessionals serving in an instructional capacity to:

  • hold an associate of arts degree or higher, or
  • complete two years of college (60 credit hours), or
  • demonstrate, through a state or local academic assessment, that they are knowledgeable in reading, writing, and math and capable of assisting in classroom instruction.

Test takers have 2 1/2 hours to complete the exam. Test subjects include reading, writing, and math. The test has 90 multiple-choice questions, approximately two-thirds (2/3) of which focus on basic skills and knowledge. The remaining one-third (1/3) focuses on applying skills in the classroom. All test questions are in English and are given in a computerized internet format. Upon arrival to take the test, a $55.00 fee will be collected in cash or money order. No checks will be accepted.

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