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The Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS) Business Advisory Board (BAB) is a unique group of volunteers that provides requested counsel and consultation to the Seminole County School Board and its staff on a variety of issues with the goal ofhelping the school district improve it business operation deliverables through exposure to business best practices. Each member shares a commitment toimproving the quality of education in Seminole County.

Notice of Meeting October 1, 2020

Welcome from the BAB Chairman:

Dear Members of the Seminole County Community,

Consistently leading the charge for inclusionary education, responsible legislation, and student improvement, Seminole County Public School system holds the honor of being one of the top performing school districts in Florida. The district can often be found in the top 10% of nation-wide school district rankings. Seminole County has become a destination of choice in large part because of the quality of education offered to its students.

A key component of bringing excellence in education to over 65,000 students daily, is ensuring that the organization is always using industry best-practices across all areas of the operation. Here is where I find that the School Board, Superintendent and the administration outpace so many other districts; by actively seeking and attentively receptive to input from leaders in the business community.

The Business Advisory Board helps fulfil this drive for excellence by maintaining a qualified pool of industry professionals and community leaders who are dedicated to the overall success of the SCPS mission and its students. Our board consists of subject matter specialists with expertise in finance, human resources, technology, real estate, construction, law, strategic planning, communications, insurance and many others.

The BAB guides the district on improving operational aspects of day-to-day functions, management and organizational structures, and developing strategic alliances in the business community. By maintaining this close relationship, we are also able to help ensure the career skills being presented to students are both relevant and current for today’s workforce.

As parents, leaders and business executives we have a moral obligation to our children and our community to help ensure the continued growth and success of our society. Each member of the Business Advisory Board is committed to the ongoing success of the school district, and genuinely enjoys spending their time in heling accomplish the mission. This year, I am honored to serve in the position of Chairman for this board of volunteers.

I’d like to personally extend an invitation to you to find a place where you can lend your voice and expertise. There are many places within the schools to volunteer your time, and every part is significant. The BAB holds monthly meetings which are open to the public, and we are regularly recruiting new talent

Yours in service,

Sean Esler
Chairman, Business Advisory Board - Seminole County Public Schools.


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