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Congratulations on taking steps to become a dual enrollment or early admissions student!

Your school counselor can help you to determine eligibility, discuss course options, and complete an application. Visit the Seminole State College (SSC) or University of Central Florida (UCF) Dual Enrollment/Early Admissions page for information and other helpful resources.

Dual enrollment course offerings are limited to approved courses at SSC and UCF. Students must receive prior approval from their principal or principal designee to enroll.

Important Dates:

SSC Application Deadlines:

Please visit the SSC Academic Calendar and select the term (fall, spring, summer) to view deadlines.

UCF Application Deadlines:

  • Summer - March 1st

  • Fall - May 1st

  • Spring- November 1st

Things to Consider

Courses not taken at SSC or UCF are not covered by the Dual Enrollment/Early Admissions Agreements and therefore are not eligible for tuition and instructional materials reimbursement by SCPS. This includes talent identification programs, college summer programs, summer camps, and courses at schools other than SSC or UCF.

Students must complete all requirements for graduation from a Seminole County Public High School before a diploma will be granted. An overall un-weighted 2.0 GPA is required for high school graduation.

Courses taken through dual enrollment or early admissions are a part of the official college/university transcript as well as the calculation of the college/university grade point average.

Students may not withdraw from any college credit course without written permission of the high school principal or designee. Failure to notify the high school may jeopardize high school graduation.

Program Requirements

Academic Dual Enrollment (Part-time)

  • Students must be enrolled in at least one (1) high school credit course during each term, excluding summer. Additionally, courses taken must apply directly towards the student's general requirements for high school graduation.

  • Students must have a cumulative unweighted high school grade point average of 3.0 or better and the approval of their high school principal.

  • Students must meet the same entrance requirements as students desiring to enroll in the same courses on the college campus and have the approval of the high school principal. Click HERE to view qualifying test scores.

  • SCPS dual enrollment students may take no more than three courses per term.

  • Students must maintain a minimum of a 2.0 college GPA to continue enrollment.

Career Dual Enrollment (Part-time)

  • Students must have completed the 10th grade and be enrolled in at least four (4) high school credit courses during each term, excluding summer.

  • Students must have a cumulative unweighted high school grade point average of 2.5 or better to enroll in a postsecondary vocational course.

  • Students must meet the same entrance requirements as students desiring to enroll in the same courses on the college campus, have earned a college-ready score, and have the approval of the high school principal.

Early Admission (Full-time)

To participate in Early Admissions also known as Collegiate High School or Early College students must meet the following requirements:

  • Submit a high school transcript showing successful completion of 18 credits in grades 9-11 and that they are classified as a senior.

  • Achieve a minimum cumulative un-weighted GPA of 3.0.

  • Receive written approval from the high school principal or designee, and parent or guardian.

  • Provide official qualifying scores (SAT, ACT, or PERT). Test scores are valid for two years from the date of testing.

  • Satisfy any course prerequisites indicated in the current College catalog.

  • Supply college course schedule to the high school principal or designee.

Please note: Students participating in the early admissions program at UCF may not be eligible for merit scholarships as an incoming freshman at UCF.

Steps to Apply

SSC Dual Enrollment and Early College:

  1. Work with your school counselor to complete the SSC Dual Enrollment Application.

  2. Submit the completed application to Seminole State College by mail or visit any SSC Student Services Department to meet with a specialist and an advisor.

  3. If you have qualifying SAT or ACT scores, please request an official score report from College Board or ACT and select SSC as the receiving institution. If you do not have qualifying scores, you can register to take the PERT or Accuplacer with SSC at Assessment and Testing.

  4. Complete the Dual Enrollment Orientation.

  5. Create your MySeminoleState account.

  6. Review the Course Equivalency List and the SSC Course Catalog to select courses.

  7. See your school counselor to request your courses.

  8. Obtain your school counselor's signature on your SSC Registration Card for course approval. After your courses are approved, submit the Seminole State Registration Card to the SSC Dual Enrollment office.

UCF Dual Enrollment and Early Admission:

  1. Apply to UCF using the status of Dual Enrollment (part-time enrollment) or Early Admission (full-time enrollment).

  2. Submit official SAT or ACT test scores to UCF.

  3. If admitted, you will receive authorization forms and information from UCF.

  4. Create your MyUCF student account.

  5. Once admitted,
    • Dual Enrollment students complete the CANVAS-based Orientation course in order to receive an Enrollment Appointment.

    • UCF Early Admission Program require students to complete the UCF FTIC 2-day Orientation Program.

  6. Work with your school counselor to select appropriate courses and complete the authorization form.

  7. Submit the authorization form to UCF to gain access to register for your classes and receive your textbooks.

Have Questions?

Click the appropriate school below for SCPS high school counselor contacts.


Dual Enrollment/Early Admissions Resources (External Links)

Getting Your Materials

The Instructional Resources Department is here to support you with obtaining instructional materials (textbooks) for your dual enrollment or early admissions courses.

Please CLICK HERE for information on how to get your dual enrollment/early admissions textbooks.

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