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Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS) is always seeking enthusiastic teachers and educational support staff to join our team! For descriptions and additional information on the various positions we offer, please access the link listed below.

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Accountant II
Accountant, ESSS
Accountant, Facilities Services Records and Reports
Accountant, Instructional
Accountant, IS Department and Project
Accountant, PreK/Early Intervention
Accountant, Records and Reports
Accountant, Transportation Records and Reports
Administrative Assistant to the Principal
Administrator, Assessment and Accountability
Administrator, ESSS
Administrator, Database Analyst
Administrator, Dining Services Systems Analyst
Administrator, ESSS IDEA Compliance
Administrator, HR Payroll Services Systems and Operations
Administrator, Information Security Officer
Administrator, IS Network Architecture
Administrator, IS Systems Analyst
Administrator, PeopleSoft Business Analyst
Administrator, Research and Accountability
Administrator, UNIX Systems
Analyst, Financial Reporting
Assistant Building Maintenance Supervisor
Assistant, Caregiver Exceptional Student Education
Assistant, Certified Nursing
Assistant, Clinic
Assistant, Data Entry
Assistant Director, Facilities Services
Assistant Director, Finance
Assistant Director, Red Apple Dining
Assistant Director, School Bus Operations and Training
Assistant, Duty
Assistant, Sensory Screening
Assistant, Technical
Assistant Manager Catering, Dining Services
Assistant Manager, Custodial Services
Assistant Manager, Dining Services
Assistant Manager, Print Solutions
Assistant Principal
Assistant Principal on Assignment
Assistant Superintendent, Educational Pathways (ePathways)
Assistant Superintendent, Elementary Education
Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources and Professional Standards
Assistant Superintendent, Operations
Assistant Superintendent, Secondary Education High School
Assistant Superintendent, Secondary Education Middle School
Assistant Superintendent, Student and School Success
Assistant Superintendent, Student Support Services
Assistant, Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program (VPK)
Associate School Board Attorney, Legal Services
Athletic Trainer
Audio Visual Film--Video Inspector


Behavior Technician
Behavioral Interventionist        
Bookkeeper, Extended Day Program
Bookkeeper, High School
Bookkeeper, Maintenance
Budget Analyst
Building Code Administrator
Building Maintenance Supervisor
Bus Driver
Bus Mechanic, Apprentice
Bus Mechanic, Chief
Bus Monitor
Business Manager


Chief Financial Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Clerk, Delivery and Receiving
Clerk, Facilities
Clerk, Receptionist Customer Service 
Clerk, Transportation Parts
Clerk to the School Board/Agency Clerk
Communications Officer
Community Liaison
Computer Systems Equipment Operator
Contract Management Administrator, Facilities Services
Contracting Specialist, Facilities Services
Coordinator, Accounting 
Coordinator, Applied Technology Programs
Coordinator, Assessment and Accountability
Coordinator, Budgeting
Coordinator, Choices
Coordinator, Compliance Exceptional Student and Support Services
Coordinator, Digital Learning
Coordinator, Elementary Reading and Curriculum
Coordinator, ESOL/Foreign Language and Foreign Students
Coordinator, Environmental Standards and Project Management
Coordinator, Extended Day Child Care and Enrichment Program
Coordinator, Fire Safety Inspector
Coordinator, Human Resources
Coordinator, HVAC Operations
Coordinator, Instructional Projects
Coordinator, Insurance
Coordinator, K-12 Career Education & Readiness Initiatives
Coordinator, K-12 Comprehensive Reading Plan
Coordinator, K-12 English, Reading, and Social Studies Curriculum
Coordinator, K-12 Math and Science Curriculum
Coordinator, Leadership Pathways 
Coordinator, Medicaid/Health Services
Coordinator, Medical/Health Student Services
Coordinator, Nutrition & Wellness Red Apple Dining
Coordinator, Operations Red Apple Dining
Coordinator, PreKindergarten
Coordinator, Problem Solving Incubator (PSI High)
Coordinator, Professional Development
Coordinator, Purchasing and Distribution
Coordinator, Race to the Top Grant
Coordinator, Resource Development
Coordinator, Risk Management and Workers' Compensation
Coordinator, School Counseling and Education Pathways Services
Coordinator, School Security
Coordinator, Secondary Reading and Curriculum
Coordinator, Special Projects/Title I
Coordinator, Special Projects/Title I, Family and Community Outreach
Coordinator, Special Projects/Title I, Instructional Support
Coordinator, Supplemental Academic Programs
Counselor, School Mental Health
Courier - Equipment, Maintenance
Courier Mail Room Lead
Courier Services Driver
Creative Design Specialist
Custodian, Head
Custodian, Head (Floor Care/Disinfection Team)
Custodian, Plant Maintenance


Database Analyst
Data Scientist
Dean of Students
Deputy Superintendent, Instructional Excellence and Equity
Dining Services Assistant
Dining Services District Manager
Dining Services Employee
Dining Services Manager Catering
Dining Services Restaurant Manager
Director, 9th Grade Center
Director, Alternative Programs
Director, Applied Technology Education
Director, Budgeting
Director, Custodial Services
Director, Early Learning
Director, East Coast Technical Assistance Center (ECTAC)
Director, Educational Pathways (ePathways) and Strategic Partnerships
Director, Employee Benefits and Wellness
Director, Employee and Governmental Relations Personnel Services
Director, ESOL/World Languages and Student Access 
Director, External Operations
Director, Facilities Services
Director, Federal Projects and Resource Development
Director, Finance
Director, Information Services
Director, Instructional Technology
Director, Intervention Services
Director, KidZone and Beyond
Director, Leadership Pathways and Recruitment/Retention
Director, Project Management and Facilities
Director, Purchasing and Distribution Services
Director, Recruitment, Retention, and Educational Equity
Director, Red Apple Dining
Director, Research and Accountability
Director, Special Education Services
Director, Staffing Position Management FTE and Certification
Director, Student Assignment and Program Access
Director, Teaching and Learning
Director, Transportation Services
District Interpreter Translator
District Security Officer
Division Foreman


Educational Interpreter
Electronic Repair I
Electronic Repair II
Elementary Behavior Support
Engineer, Controls and Building Automation System
ESE Behavior Analyst
ESE Consultation and Case Management (All Day)
ESE Job Developer
Event Specialist, The Foundation for Seminole County Public Schools
Executive Assistant, Supplemental Educational Services
Executive Director, Legal Services
Executive Director, The Foundation for SCPS
Executive Manager, Office of the Superintendent
Executive Secretary
Executive Secretary to the Superintendent


Facilitator, Academy
Facilitator, Assessment and Accountability
Facilitator, Choices
Facilitator Elementary/Secondary, 21st Century Community Learning Centers
Facilitator, ePathways College, Career, and Citizenship Programs
Facilitator, ESOL World Languages Programs
Facilitator, Extended Day Care
Facilitator, Full Service School Project
Facilitator, Safe Schools
Facilitator, School-To-Work Project
Facilitator, Student Support Services
Facilitator, Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program (VPK)
Facilities Analyst
Facilities Planner
Family and Community Outreach Worker
Field Technician, Communications
Finance Cashier
Fire/Safety Inspector
FTE Clerk, Secondary
FTE-Financial Clerk, Elementary


Graphic Design Production Lead, Print Solutions
Graphic Designer
Grounds Laborer I
Grounds Laborer II
Guidance Counselor, School


Homeless Liason


Instructional Coach, Other
Internal Accounts Analyst
IS Operations Shift Lead


Job Experience Training Coach


Lead Community Educator, Grant
Lead Counselor, District and Parent Information Systems
Licensed Practical Nurse, LPN


Maintenance Contract Inspector I
Maintenance Helper
Maintenance Mechanic, Air Conditioning--HVAC
Maintenance Mechanic, Architectural Hardware
Maintenance Mechanic, Boiler Repair
Maintenance Mechanic, Cabinetmaker
Maintenance Mechanic, Carpenter
Maintenance Mechanic, Communications Systems
Maintenance Mechanic, Electrician
Maintenance Mechanic, Floor Finishing
Maintenance Mechanic, Floor Machine Repair
Maintenance Mechanic, Food Service Equipment
Maintenance Mechanic, General
Maintenance Mechanic, General Operations
Maintenance Mechanic, Heavy Equipment
Maintenance Mechanic, Irrigation
Maintenance Mechanic, Mason
Maintenance Mechanic, Painter
Maintenance Mechanic, Pest Control
Maintenance Mechanic, Plumber
Maintenance Mechanic, Roofer
Maintenance Mechanic, Small Engine Repair
Maintenance Mechanic, Supply
Maintenance Mechanic, Water Sewer Plant Systems
Maintenance Mechanic, Welder
Maintenance Purchasing Agent
Manager, Accounts Payable
Manager, Area Transportation
Manager, Culinary
Manager, Custodial Services
Manager, Distribution Services
Manager, Education Pathways & CAPE Quality
Manager, Employee Benefits and Wellness
Manager, Field Support
Manager, Garage
Manager, HR Instructional Staffing and Certification
Manager, HR Personnel Services Systems and Operations
Manager, HR Personnel Staffing and Support Services
Manager, Information and Communications
Manager, Instructional Materials
Manager, Internal Audits
Manager, IS Application Support
Manager, IS Technology Implementation and Media Production
Manager, IS Project Management
Manager, IS Security Engineer
Manager, IS Security Project Management
Manager, Legal and Litigation Services
Manager, Mail Services
Manager, Payroll/Field Trip
Manager, Position Management and Staffing Services
Manager, PreK Early Intervention
Manager, Print Solutions
Manager, Property Records
Manager, Resource Conservation and Performance Management
Manager, Software Development
Manager, Talent Recruitment and Development Red Apple Dining
Manager, Technology Implementation and Curriculum Support
Manager, Technology Project
Manager, Transportation Operations and Support
Manager, Transportation Route
Manager, Transportation Safety
Manager I, Community Involvement
Manager I, Human Resources
Mechanic, Electronic Repair
Mechanic, Fire Alarm Systems
Mechanic, Landscape and Grounds Crew Leader
Mechanic, Plant Maintenance-Ancillary
Mechanic, Plant Maintenance-School Campus
Mechanic, Vehicle
Media Specialist
Microphotographer-Reference Technician
Multimedia Producer
Multimedia Technician


Network Security Analyst
Network Specialist, School or Sector
Network Technician
Network Technician, Communications
Nutrition Specialist, Red Apple Dining


Ombudsman / Professional Standards Investigator
Online Instructional Designer
Owner's Construction Representative/Inspector


Paraprofessional, ESOL Instructional
Paraprofessional, Exceptional Student Education
Paraprofessional, Instructional
Paraprofessional, Media Instructional
PC Field Service Technician
Plans Examiner
Plant Operator, Water/Wastewater
Principal, Alternative School
Principal, Exceptional Education Center
Principal on Assignment
Principal, Virtual School
Printer, Offset Lead
Printer's Assistant
Procurement Agent I
Procurement Agent II
Procurement Agent III
Production Assistant Lead, Print Solutions
Production Specialist, Print Solutions
Program Manager, Content Area Reading - Professional Development (CAR-PD)
Program Manager, The Foundation for Seminole County Public Schools
Program Specialist, East Coast Technical Assistance Center  (ECTAC)
Program Specialist, ESOL Compliance
Program Specialist, Mental Health Services
Program Specialist, School Psychology Services
Program Specialist, School Social Work Services
Program Specialist, Take Stock in Children
Program Specialist, Technology State Loan Library
Project Coordinator
Project Coordinator, Dining Services
Project Manager
Project Manager II


Reading Coach
Risk Manager


School Administration Manager
School Board Nurse
School Board Nurse, Lead
School Psychologist
School Safety Guard
School Security Officer
School Social Worker
School Social Worker, Lead
Secondary Instructional Literacy Coach
Secretary, Athletic
Secretary, Media Scheduler
Secretary, Resource Scheduler
Secretary, Textbook--IMTS
Senior Accountant
Senior Procurement Agent
Site Facilitator, 21st Century Community Learning Centers
Software Developer
Specialist I, Administrative Computing
Specialist I, App Security
Specialist I, Applications Software
Specialist I, Construction Accountant
Specialist I, Family Engagement
Specialist I, Finance and Projects
Specialist I, Instructional Programs and Projects
Specialist I, Labor Employee Relations
Specialist I, Media Production
Specialist I, Payroll
Specialist I, Personnel--HR
Specialist I, Property Accounting
Specialist I, Records and Security
Specialist I, Resource Development 
Specialist I, Security
Specialist I, Special Projects/Title I
Specialist I, Supplemental Educational Services
Specialist II, Administrative Computing
Specialist II, Administrative Computing, Transportation-Edulog
Specialist II, Community Resources--Speaker's Bureau
Specialist II, Finance Accounts Payable
Specialist II, Finance Cashier Office
Specialist II, Finance, Printing Department
Specialist II, IS Project
Specialist II, Paralegal
Specialist II, Payroll/Retirement
Specialist II, Property Accounting
Specialist II, Purchasing
Specialist II, Purchasing and Logistics Red Apple Dining
Specialist II, Systems Management Support - Facilities
Specialist III, Audio Visual--Video Production Assistant
Specialist III, Benefits
Specialist III, Payroll
Specialist III, Personnel
Specialist III, Transportation--Payroll
Specialist, Accounting
Specialist, Adaptive Physical Education
Specialist, Administrative Support - Facilities
Specialist, Applications Software
Specialist, Assessment and Accountability
Specialist, Augmentive Communiction
Specialist, Braille and Tactile Materials
Specialist, Budget
Specialist, Career-School-To-Work
Specialist, Certification
Specialist, Choice Awareness
Specialist, Community Involvement---Clerical and Technical Writer
Specialist, Cost Center Network and Communications
Specialist, Data
Specialist, Digital Content and Social Media Red Apple Dining
Specialist, Distribution Services
Specialist, Distribution Services Lead
Specialist, DS Network Operations
Specialist, DS Personnel, Payroll, and Accounting
Specialist, East Coast Technical Assistance Center (ECTAC) Operations
Specialist, Equipment and Facilities Dining Services
Specialist, ESE Employment
Specialist, Federal Applications and Verification
Specialist, Foundation Communication and Events
Specialist, Full Service School Outreach Worker-Intake
Specialist, Intervention/Inclusion
Specialist, IS Production
Specialist, KidZone and Beyond
Specialist, Legal
Specialist, Marketing/Communications
Specialist, Medicaid/Billing System MAC & MTS
Specialist, Network Communications
Specialist, Network Operations
Specialist, Payroll Lead
Specialist, Projects
Specialist, Purchasing and Logistics Dining Services
Specialist, Records and Forms
Specialist, Resource Development
Specialist, Risk Management
Specialist, Risk-Purchasing Support
Specialist, Security
Specialist, Speech/Language
Specialist, Student Staffing Resource
Specialist, Technology Implementation
Specialist, Testing
Speech--Language Pathologist
Staff Counsel Legal Services
Strategist, PSI High Business Program and Partnerships
Strategist, PSI High College and Career Programming
Store Assistant, The Foundation for Seminole County Public Schools
Store Supervisor, The Foundation for Seminole County Public Schools
Supervisor I, Custodial
Supervisor, Construction UBCI
Supervisor, Exceptional Education, Data and Medicaid Services
Supervisor, Fleet Services and Garage Operations
Supervisor, Instructional Programs and Student Services
Supervisor, IS Application Support
Supervisor, IS Applications Programming
Supervisor, IS Operations
Supervisor, Route Scheduling
Supervisor, Take Stock in Children
Supervisor, Testing
Supervisor, Transportation Routing
Systems Analyst


Teacher on Assignment, Compliance Specialist Special Projects/Title I
Teacher on Assignment, Curriculum Support
Teacher on Assignment, Other
Teacher, Athletic Trainer
Teacher, DE--DCT--CBE
Teacher, Educational Technology Facilitator
Teacher, ESOL
Teacher, ESOL Compliance Specialist
Teacher, In School Suspension
Teacher, Intervention Resource Room (All Day)
Teacher, Juvenile Detention Center Specialist
Teacher, On the Job Training (All Day)
Teacher, Remote Learning Lead
Teacher, Technology State Loan Library Facilitator 
Teacher, Transition Resource-ESSS
Teacher, Virtual School Computer Lab (All Day)
Technician, HVAC Chillers 
Technician, HVAC Controls
Technician, Fire Alarm Systems
Technician, Integrated Learning Systems
Therapist, Occupational
Therapist, Physical
Transportation Dispatcher
Transportation Dispatcher, Edulog
Transportation Dispatcher, Field Trips
Transportation Dispatcher, Routing
Transportation Security Officer
Transportation Trainer

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