Audiological Services

The Audiological Services Department of Seminole County Public Schools offers FREE comprehensive audiological services for children ages 3-21 residing in Seminole County. If your child is demonstrating any of the below characteristics you may want to schedule an appointment with the audiology department:

  • Student strains to hear.

  • Student asks you to repeat yourself often.

  • Student tends to pay close attention to the face, lips and gestures of the people speaking.

  • Student tends to withdraw from social interactions.

  • Student does not respond to loud sounds (i.e. door slam, phone rings, etc.).

  • Student complains of ear pain or fullness in the ear.

  • Student exhibits a change in behavior - more irritable or aggressive.

  • Any odor or drainage from the ears.


To schedule an appointment, call 407.746.2416.

Click here for directions to:

Audiological Services
Altamonte Elementary School
525 Pineview Street,
Altamonte Springs Fl 32701

Services Include:

  • Identifying hearing loss through audiological evaluation.

  • Identifying auditory processing disorders through audiological evaluation.

  • Coordinating county-wide hearing screening program.

  • Counseling parents regarding their child's hearing loss. Recommendations are made based on themedical, educational, social and behavioral implications of the hearing loss.

  • Assessing the function of students' hearing aids.

  • Communicating with teachers, physicians and other professionals regardingthe student's needs.

  • Interpreting audiological test results received from outside agencies.

  • Providing peer education programs.

  • Fitting and maintaining the FM amplification equipment throughout the district.

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