Online Enrollment FAQ

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Below are frequently asked questions related to SCPS's New Student Online Enrollment (NSOE).

Q: I do not have all of the required documentation; can I still apply?

A: You may begin the application, save it and return to the process later, then submit the application when all documents are available. Alternatively, you may submit the application without the supporting documents, however, your application will not be processed until the school receives and reviews all the required documents.

*Please note that after an application is submitted all documentation must be brought to the school. The online upload option is no longer available after submission.

Q: What if I am not zoned for the school I am applying to?

A: The Student Assignment and Program Access department must approve all applications for schools outside of a student's zoned school. Please contact them to apply for a school other than your zoned school.

Q: I do not have an email address, how can I apply?

A: Our system requires all applicants to provide a valid email address. You may obtain a free email address through services such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook.

Q: I do not have a personal computer with internet access?

A: Please visit the school you are applying to during normal business hours. There a staff member will arrange for you to fill out an application at one of their computer stations.

Q: My student has attended or is currently attending a different SCPS school, do I need to apply online?

A: Only first time kindergarten students and new enrollments at schools must submit an application through NSOE. Current students relocating to another Seminole County school must use the District Relocation form (English | Spanish).

Q: I don't have a scanner how can I upload the required documentation online?

A: You have 2 options.

A. if you have a smart phone take a close up, well lit picture of the document, with no shadows, making sure the document is completely legible. Then email the picture to yourself. On the computer you are filling out the application open your email, find the document and upload it to you application.

B. After submitting your online application, bring all required documentation to the school you applied to. The FTE registrar will scan your documents and attach it to your application for you. *Please not that until the school receives the required documents they will not be able to process your application.

Q: I am out of county but have an approval from Student Assignment and Program Access. What Evidence of Residence documentation do I need? How will the school know I am approved to register my child? Do I need to upload anything from Student Assignment and Program Access?

A: You are still required to present the standard required documents (English | Spanish) proving residency. However, in addition you will need to present your approval letter from Student Assignment.

Q: I am a current student and I am moving and changing schools. Do I register at my new school through New Student Online Enrollment?

A: If you are already registered with Seminole County Public Schools please use the District Relocation form (English | Spanish). You do not need to re-register through NSOE.

Q: I am a current SCPS student and I have been approved through Student Assignment and Program Access to attend a new school, do I register at my new school through NSOE?

A: No, please use the District Relocation form (English | Spanish) and turn it in at your new school.

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