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When Do I Stop For a School Bus? 

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Transportation Services transports approximately 32,000 students to and from daily on 400 established routes.  School bus service is provided to approximately 47% of the students that attend Seminole County Public Schools.  Approximately 8,500 field trips were provided to our school system last year by Transportation Services.  School buses traveled approximately eight (8) million miles to provide the above services.  They also provide service to our district seven (7) days a week, 24 hours each day.
The school bus is truly an extension of the classroom, and a vital part of Seminole County Public Schools. To provide the above services, Transportation Services employees total approximately 626 drivers, monitors, mechanics, and administrative and clerical support staff.
Some of the Transportation Department's key departments are:
Transportation Support
Routes and Scheduling
School Bus Operations
Fleet Services
The Routes and Scheduling section provides routing by utilizing EDULOG, an automated routing system. Prior to EDULOG, school bus routes development required months, now the route preparation time is weeks. The EDULOG Routes and Scheduling system provides maps and student information to support district administration. Four (4) routing specialists facilitate the process by validating the information and are the final link in the development of the individual routes. They also collaborate with school administration at student IEP meetings and parent conferences.
Fleet Services and Garage Operations are responsible for maintenance of 400+ school buses and approximately 180 district vehicles.  School buses are inspected every 29 workdays and district vehicles receive regularly scheduled preventive maintenance as well.  The garage facility consists of a parts room, 18 working bays, a tire room, and upholstery shop.


The Operations Department works daily to provide the safest, most efficient transportation available. School Bus Operations is responsible for daily services provided by 430 school bus drivers and 115 monitors.  Six (6) area managers supervise the school bus drivers and monitors that are located at eight (8) different compounds.  The Operations Department communicates with the school administration, participating daily in student behavior concerns.  They also collaborate with school administration at student IEP meetings, parent conferences and school PTA meetings. The Operation's Safety Manager is responsible for investigating all accidents involving district vehicles.  In addition, the Safety Manager also focuses on all other aspects of safety and addresses issues as they arise.  

Training of school bus drivers is an important part of the total program. Before driving a school bus, drivers are fingerprinted and screened to ensure eligibility for hire. In addition, their driving records must meet a specific criteria listing certain offenses that will disqualify them as a candidate for a school bus driver. Then candidates must pass a rigorous 40+-hour course, including behind the wheel training, defensive driving techniques, first aid, stress management, and discipline procedures. Further, each year drivers and monitors receive over 20 hours of additional training including both new skills/procedures and review of current practices.
Transportation Services has won the Florida State Safety Skills Competition six times since 1984 and has placed in the top three 14 times. Individual drivers from Seminole County Schools have also advanced to the International Safety Skills Competition seven times, winning the International Championship in 2000. Success like this can only be achieved from true dedication.
Transportation Services participates on two committees which consist of parents, law enforcement, emergency medical personnel, administrators, Department of Transportation, and the American Automobile Association. These committees are the Community Traffic and Safety Team (CTST), and the School Safety Advisory Committee (SSAC). These committees meet once a month to discuss and review vehicular and pedestrian access safety for public schools, requests for bus service and safety provisions associated with designated bus stops.
Parents who have concerns about the safety of their students getting to school are encouraged to contact the Transportation Services department. If they do not feel the district has sufficiently addressed their concern, parents may write to the School Safety Advisory Committee, c/o Transportation, 822 E State Road 434, Winter Springs FL 32708. In your letter, detail any specific concerns about the matter and please include a map of the area. The committee will take the matter under consideration at its next monthly meeting.
The success of SCPS Transportation Services come from a collaborative effort of many. Through the support of everyone, we will continue to provide the very best service to the students and parents of Seminole County Public Schools.
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