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ePathways is customized learning that results in our students being prepared for 21st century globally competitive work.

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About ePathways

The mission of ePathways is to provide an academically rigorous, individualized and flexible learning experience to best accommodate individual needs and interests.  ePathways will support students to be prepared to meet the demands of college, careers and citizenship in the 21st century global economy.  The ePathways program intends to achieve this mission by reaching the following goals: 

  • Offer students a variety of instructional environments to achieve mastery through individualized learning. 


  • Increase innovative learning opportunities for all learners by including pathways for both acceleration and remediation. 


  •  Create new programs and expand access to existing opportunities that prepare students for high-demand, high-wage careers. 

    Seminole County students have the opportunity to choose the education pathway that best suits their learning styles, personal interests and academic strengths. Through the ePathways initiative, students have a variety of course options that can be taken in a modern classroom setting or in a virtual environment.  Students may choose any blend of virtual and traditional classes, including a full-time schedule of online courses, while remaining publicly enrolled in their school, and participating in the extracurricular activities of their choice. Virtual classes can be taken either in a lab setting at the school or in their home environment.


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