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Jason Wysong, Ed.D.

Executive Director
Education Pathways &
Strategic Partnerships

Jill Fierle
Facilitator, ePathways

Carol Gamble
Facilitator, ePathways

Kristina Vliek
Facilitator, ePathways

Facilitator, ePathways

Stephanie Wall
Facilitator, ePathways

Donna Lyons
MTSS Intervention/Inclusion Specialist

Grace Wilken-Yoder
MTSS Intervention/Inclusion Specialist

Nicholina Wilson
Teacher on Assignment

Catherine Krupica
Data Specialist

ePathways Mission

What is ePathways?

SCPS created ePathways as a symbol of its commitment that high school graduates will leave our district with meaningful diplomas and a clear pathway to high-demand, high-wage employment. SCPS graduates will have both a broad understanding of careers and enough exploration of specific interests to have a clear plan for their future.

Students will also master 12 important skills identified by local employers and SCPS to ensure graduates are future ready for an evolving economy.  A link to the Future Ready Skills model can be found here.  ePathways also aims to increase learning options for the students of SCPS. With more freedom to take courses and learn about what interests them, students are more likely to find their passion and explore career options that fit their interests and talents. These programs also provide valuable training and soft skills that can help students become successful in any career they choose.

Learn more about ePathways through a student's perspective.  Watch the video below!

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