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ePassport will be retired in January 2019

Information Services Portal Update: 

To provide users with a better experience, Information Services has created a new way for you to access to the applications you need. Introducing, the Portal

Our goal is to provide a better user experience in the Portal. During the transition period, ePassport will also be available for users. After the transition period has ended (January 2019), the Portal will become the primary place for users to access applications. 

Logging In

In the event of an application does not automatically log-in, the user will need to provide their credentials to access the app. 

Users can sign-in using one of two methods:

  1. DOMAIN\Username and password
    1. Students: INST\StudentID
    2. Staff: EMP\Username


  1. Email and password
    1. Students: StudentID@student.myscps.us
    2. Staff: Username@myscps.us

For Students

Student applications are already available in the the Portal for students to begin using. We hope they will enjoy this new, seamless experience. 

For Employees

Both ePassport and the Portal will be options for employees to access applications.  We are transitioning ePassport applications to the Portal as quickly as possible. Some applications, such as Skyward, will temporarily require a second sign-in from the Portal. The estimated completion deadline is January 2019.

What does this currently look like for users? 

When users click the ePassport link from the SCPS website, they will be directed to this landing page. 


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