The School Board of Seminole County is pleased to announce that a tentative agreement has been reached with the Seminole Education Association, Inc., regarding contract language and compensation.

  • As agree upon during the 2019-2020 collective bargaining session all teachers (excluding probationary teachers) will receive a 1.25% increase to their base salary for the 2020-2021 School Year.
  • The parties have agreed to a salary distribution plan for the Teacher Salary Increase Allocation (TSIA) from House Bill (HB) 641 as follows:

    New beginning teacher salary of $46,310. All teachers will have their base salary increased to a minimum of $46,310. All teachers whose base salary is greater than $46,310 will receive a 1.40% salary increase. A teacher’s base salary does not include any degree differential.

The School Board extends their appreciation to those who made contributions to a positive and productive bargaining process and look forward to the continuing partnership as we build upon the excellence of Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS).

Press Contact

Michael Lawrence, APR
Communications Officer