Middle School Transfer Options

Next Steps:

Determine if your child qualifies for a published, allowable transfer option.

Complete the appropriate transfer application.

Submit the transfer application via the online application system.

  • Confirmation email will be sent upon submission.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation email, you did not submit the application.
  • Please check the Student Assignment & Program Access Department website for specific application timelines.

Receive a transfer request notification email.

  • This email notification will inform parents/guardians if the request was approved or denied.
  • If request is denied there will be a reason for the denial in the email notification.

If transfer request is approved, students must then register at the school site.

  • School is responsible for checking all required registration documentation and verifying residency.
  • All approved transfer notifications have a registration deadline.
  • If the parents/guardians do not register their child by the stated deadline, they will be required to submit a new transfer application.

Additional Policy Information:

  • Once a transfer is approved and a student has enrolled at the approved transfer school, the student may not re-enroll in the zoned school until the student has completed the current academic year.
  • Once the school year begins, midyear exits are not permitted.
  • Students are permitted one transfer per level (elementary, middle, and high school) from the same residential school zone.
  • The deadline for first semester transfer requests is three weeks prior to the first attendance day of school.
  • The deadline for second semester transfer requests is December 1.
  • A student that is determined to be disruptive to the educational program of the out of zone school by reason of repeated tardiness, excessive absences, disruptive behavior, or other reasons may be reassigned to the students zoned school at the discretion of the school’s principal and executive director.

Need Help?

  • Contact the Student Assignment & Program Access Department.