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Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS) has a passionate leadership team that's dedicated to the academic development and success of every student in the district. They work hard to ensure the best resources and opportunities are available to all. Any questions you may have, as a parent or student, can be answered and are welcomed by the leadership team members listed below.

Name Title Phone Number Email
Walt Griffin, Ed.D. Superintendent 407.320.0006
Jason Wysong, Ed.D. Executive Director - Instructional Excellence and System Equity 407.320.0212
Mike Gaudreau Executive Director - High Schools 407.320.0073
Demetria Faison Executive Director - Middle Schools 407.320.0073
Marian Cummings, Ed.D. Executive Director - Elementary Schools 407.320.0374
Robin Dehlinger, Ed.D. Executive Director - Elementary Schools 407.320.0374
Michelle Walsh, Ed.D. Executive Director - Student Support Services 407.320.2001
Serita Beamon Executive Director - Legal Services 407.320.0545
Carrie Chambers Chief Finance Officer (CFO) 407.320.0050
Todd Seis Chief Finance Officer (CFO) 407.320.0052
Tim Harper, Ed.D. Chief Technology Officer (CTO) 407.320.0076
Shawn Gard-Harrold Executive Director - ePathways & Strategic Partnerships 407.320.0256
Boyd Karns Executive Director - Human Resources & Professional Standards 407.320.0198
Joe Ranaldi Executive Director - Operations 407.320.0126
Michael Lawrence, APR Communications Officer 407.320.0471
Kelly Thompson Director - Assessment & Accountability (Testing) 407.320.0268
Chad Wilsky Director - Dining Services 407.320.0567
Analynn Jones, Ed.D. Director - Early Learning (VPK & Great Start) 407.320.9416
Marjorie Murray Director - ECTAC 407.320.0244
Mark Russi Director - Employee/Government Relations & Personnel Services 407.320.0317
Jamee Minnetto Director - Federal Projects & Resource Development 407.320.0382
Heidi Gooch, Ed.D. Director - Leadership Development 407.320.0157
Tracy Fortenberry School Safety & Security 407.320.0049
Cheri Meyers Director of Staffing & State Reporting 407.320.0104
Derek Jensen Director - Teaching & Learning 407.320.0186
Julie Murphy Director - Transportation 407.320.7513
Minnie Cardona Director - World Languages & ESOL 407.320.0200

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400 E. Lake Mary Boulevard,
Sanford, FL 32773

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