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The Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS) Business Advisory Board (BAB) is a unique group of volunteers that provides requested counsel and consultation to the Seminole County School Board and its staff on a variety of issues with the goal ofhelping the school district improve it business operation deliverables through exposure to business best practices. Each member shares a commitment toimproving the quality of education in Seminole County.

Notice of meeting - April 5, 2018

Welcome from the BAB Chairman:

Dear Members of the Seminole County Community,

I have the privilege of serving the community as Chairman for the Seminole County Public School’s (SCPS) Business Advisory Board (BAB). Although I will wear the title of Chairman, I am but one of the dedicated volunteers who consult with and advise the SCPS District as members of the BAB. The professional expertise and experience of the BAB membership reflects a diverse group of industry leaders with backgrounds in accounting, finance, strategic planning, marketing, technology, law, real estate, human resources, construction, logistics, and insurance.

As members of the BAB, we provide independent advice to the District staff and School Board Members concerning the myriad operational issues faced by the Seminole County Public School system. The BAB’s core mission for this outstanding public school system is to help the District continue to run effectively and efficiently in a constantly challenging landscape. And as parents and members of the community, we have great expectations for our students’ future. Our efforts are but one important part of helping the SCPS District develop students into tomorrow’s leaders. I invite you to add your voice, business knowledge, and energy to this goal.

Therefore, please accept our invitation to involve yourselves with your local public schools in any way possible, but in particular by serving on the BAB. Our meetings are open to the public and your input and participation will be most welcome.


Seema Datta
Chairman, Business Advisory Board - Seminole County Public Schools.


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