Elementary School Transfer Options

  • SCPS Employee/Student Transfer: allows Seminole County Public Schools employees to bring their children to the site at which they work or to transfer their children to a specifically designated employee transfer school.

  • Capacity Transfer: allows student transfers between designated over-capacity schools and designated under-capacity schools.

  • Maximization Transfer: allows student transfers between designated under-capacity schools and designated greater under-capacity schools.

  • Diversity Transfer: allows student transfers that bring schools closer to the average percentage of students approved for free/reduced meal benefits at the elementary school level.

  • Annually Defined Transfers: allows one-year educational choice options for families in unique circumstances in an effort to provide educational consistency for students and families.

    • Academic Year Completion: students who move to another geographic attendance zone within Seminole County are permitted to complete the academic year at the school in which the students were legally enrolled prior to the change in address.

    • Rising 5th Grade Student: students who have legally completed the fourth grade at a given school and move to a different SCPS geographic attendance zone are allowed to complete the fifth grade at the previously assigned school.

    • Pending Move: allows enrollment for a student whose parents have begun actual construction on a home or who have a signed legal agreement for lease or purchase in the receiving geographic attendance zone, if the student shall permanently move into the home by the end of the semester in which the transfer is to take place.

    • Sibling of Exceptional Education Student: siblings are allowed to attend school with their exceptional education student siblings.


  • Controlled Open Enrollment: allows students the opportunity to apply to a specifically designated controlled open enrollment Seminole County Public School outside their geographic attendance zone.

How to Apply for an Elementary School Transfer Option:

  1. Determine if your child qualifies for a published, allowable transfer option.

  2. Complete the appropriate transfer application.

    • Apply online at https://scpsflc.scriborder.com/
    • Select from the menu of allowable options for your student.
    • Students may only apply for one transfer option.

  3. Submit the transfer application via the online application system.

    • Confirmation email will be sent upon submission.

    • If you do not receive a confirmation email, you did not submit the application.

    • Please check the Student Assignment & Program Access Department website for specific application timelines.

  4. Receive a transfer request notification email.

    • This email notification will inform parents/guardians if the request was approved or denied.

    • If the request is denied, there will be a reason for the denial in the email notification.

  5. If a transfer request is approved, families must complete the appropriate steps for enrollment.

  • The school is responsible for checking all required enrollment documentation and verifying residency.

  • All approved transfer notifications include an enrollment deadline.

  • If the parents/guardians do not enroll their child by the stated deadline, they will be required to submit a new transfer application.

Additional Policy Information:

  • Once a transfer is approved and a student has enrolled at the approved transfer school, the student may not re-enroll in the zoned school until the student has completed the current academic year.

  • Once the school year begins, midyear exits are not permitted.

  • Students are permitted one transfer per level (elementary, middle, high) from the same geographic attendance zone.

  • The deadline for first semester transfer requests is three weeks prior to the first student attendance day of school.

  • The deadline for second semester transfer requests is December 1.

  • A student that is determined to be disruptive to the educational program of the out of zone school by reason of repeated tardiness, excessive absences, disruptive behavior, or other reasons may be reassigned to the students zoned school at the discretion of the school's principal and executive director.

Need Help?

  • Contact the Student Assignment & Program Access Department.

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