Contact Info

Kelly Thompson, Coordinator

Kaitlin Trippany, Data Analyst

Shengwei Xu, Data Analyst

Colleen Risner, Supervisor of Testing

Daphne Csonka, Supervisor of Testing

Sara Borosky, Assessment & Accountability Specialist

Leighann Penaga, SBA Teacher on Assignment

Susan Branch, Data Specialist

Nancy Hurley, Secretary

Our Mission

The primary objective of the Department of Assessment & Accountability is to preserve the integrity of all student achievement data and to provide that data in a timely manner to be used for a variety of educational decision-making purposes. To ensure that student and school academic performance information is accurate, clear, and meaningful to all students, parents, educators, and community members, the Department of Assessment & Accountability provides training for, and the coordination of, all state and federally mandated student assessment programs. Additionally, our department offers such services as data collection, analysis, assessment and interpretation, and the generation of reports for schools and other instructional groups.

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 2014-15 District Assessment Schedule (03/27/15)

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New Senate Bill 1076 - Student Progression

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