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Kim Dove, Environmental Coordinator/Project Manager
Facilities Planning
Seminole County Public Schools

The Crooms Academy High School Exhibit

This exhibit presents an historical panoramic view of the history of Crooms Academy / Crooms High School. A wide-ranging collection of pictures, year books, and other artifacts and memorabilia depicting the Crooms story is on display.

1Crooms Academy was constructed in 1926 at the extreme western end of 13th Street in Sanford, Seminole County, Florida. The site for the building was chosen by Professor J.N. Crooms and the members of the Seminole County School Board of Public Instruction because of the westward movement by the Black population of this community, once known as the “Celery Belt”.

Both the late T.W. Lawton, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and the School Board members named the school “CROOMS ACADEMY” in honor of Professor and Mrs. J.N. Crooms, as a result of their dedicated leadership abilities and other services rendered for the educational development of the Black youth in both Sanford and the Seminole County area. Professor Crooms was appointed Principal, and his wife, Mrs. W.R. Crooms, was appointed Assistant Principal.

As a result of dedicated teachers and administrators at Crooms, many sons and daughters can proudly look back with pride and fond memories of Crooms Academy High School.

This exhibit is a project of the Crooms Grand Reunion.

2010 Theme: “Crooms – Celebrating 84 Years of Excellence in Education”