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The mission of the ESSS Department is to provide the appropriate supports and services to increase the achievement for students with disabilities, and to insure progress in the appropriate curriculum for all students.

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Pre-K Disabilities Program


PreKindergarten (PreK) Disabilities are services for children who are below five years of age and have sensory, physical, mental or emotional condition, which significantly affects their attainment of normal developmental milestones. These services provide for early identification and intervention for all disabled children and are aimed toward providing developmentally appropriate instruction for each student.
Eligible children below the age of three are served through over Birth through 2 Program, a home-based model for 1-2 sessions per week. Students ages 3-5 years  are served through a variety of service delivery models depending on individual need. Services range from consultation services in regular preschool classes to full time PreK Disabilities classrooms.

The PreK Disabilities classrooms are structured to provide a hands-on, play-centered learning environment, which allows for developmentally appropriate activities. The curriculum guides the development of skills and concepts in the areas of: participation (social - emotional), body awareness and control (gross motor), (social - emotional), body awareness and control (gross motor), visual - perceptual motor (fine motor), and language (receptive and expressive).

In addition, support personnel in speech/language pathology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and augmentative communication are available to provide related services in accordance with each students Individual Education Plan (IEP).

 Screening/Evaluation Process
 Children who are known to have a disability or who are suspected of having a developmental delay can be referred to the PreKindergarten Disabilities Program for screening and/or evaluation. Screening clinics are held twice a month at the Rinehart Annex. Children receive developmental, and sensory screenings. Upon completion of the screening process, referral to the PreKindergarten Diagnostic team is made if further testing is needed.

After testing is completed, results are reviewed with parents and eligibility for school services are discussed.

 If your child appears to be delayed as compared to other children his/her age, he/she may be exhibiting a developmental delay. Some signs that a child may be delayed are:
  •  Child cannot imitate speech or does not use three word sentences by age three.
  •  Child is not understood by people outside of the family by age three.
  •  Child does not place objects in correct places, such as simple puzzles or form boards by the  age of two or three.
  •  Child does not enjoy playing alone with toys, or does not play well with other children.
  •  Child is not potty trained by age three.
  •  Child cannot follow simple directions by age three.