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The mission of the ESSS Department is to provide the appropriate supports and services to increase the achievement for students with disabilities, and to insure progress in the appropriate curriculum for all students.

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Education Students Who are Gifted!

"In the intellectual field alone there are many kinds of excellence. There is the kind of
intellectual activity that leads to a new theory, and the kind that leads to a new machine.
There is the mind that finds its most effective expression in teaching and the mind that
is most at home in research. There is the mind that works best in quantitative terms,
and the mind that luxuriates in poetic imagery."

"And there is excellence in art, in music, in craftsmanship, in human relations,
in technical work, in leadership, in parental responsibilities."

John W. Gardner, Excellence: Can We Be Equal and Excellent Too? New York:
Harper & Brothers, 1961, pp 127 & 128.